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You know it Shee is back and new videos

are coming i have been looking at soon much porn trying to find something that stood out made me hard and hell made me cum… I noticed that only at home stuff did it for me. TIMG_0053hats has sent me back to the lab i should say to do some at home out in public non scripted shit lol excuse me now i am  lady so nothing to hard core lol yeah right its nasty it pizza boys and parolees… the name of the series you guys in SHEE Is Here!!! so stay tuned.. did i tell you im back in the USA and a west coast sex god that i have to pray and ask for prayers for my cock she just can’t get enough lmao…. i am all back to my 6 pack but softer and ooooooooh yeah i shave my head and left just a top part long… I did this due to the more androgyny look im going for and have fallen in love with but here are a few pics you tell me what you think…

looking for male models

Photo on 5-9-15 at 10.44 PM #4if you are in the los angles, CA area please email me with photos  (cloth  front view and back view , nudes full body front and back up close penis and buttock )and stats and ill be looking to shoot with you  you can reach me booking team ( ) and no disrespect but if you do not have a fit look it may not work for you looking for bodybuilders, football players mma you know a guy that i won’t break lol….

Back to Tell Ya

As a person who does not look at themselves as transgendered person who feels i was born in the wrong  body, but the more than anything born in a body that i have learned to understand and love…. but after these past few weeks had to understand the roles in which i play in everyday life. to truly love ones self and love other means to welcome their flaws and insecurities. I have many i say mean flaws and hang ups and all other things. I had not had to deal with my self in years but to be placed in a place where you have to deal with you, can be a very uneasy place that can leave you like it did me in a place where dont like what you see or how others see you… I realized that i was a victim of others insecurities and my own success. I stepped back and had to get real and ugly with me. I say this to say that since i been away im back to tell you that under the makeup hair and surface layer of a person you may look at as a goddess or god is a soul that has been hurt abused and used. look past what you are shown and see what truly lies beyond the vail….

Love on top

woke with so much joy and the feeling of being clean and rid of bad energy…. i will have this site for about another year im guessing… because i do love the company just the way somethings are handled do not please me… but i will say that i know to keep some people from making money off my name that i might have to close it all together but when that time comes i will let you all know… viagra 50 viagra price in karachi

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So I had to walk away!!!

I can back to porn with high hopes that things would be different this time, but they have not after 4 years with working with someone i had to let them go. After very negative and racial comments made by my ex producer i had to let her go. I was told i was a failure and a broke black ass bitch.. i have all the text that were sent to me after telling her i had a death in the family.. I have been the number one black t girl for years and was pretty famous before the personal site so when someone tells me that they are in the whole for dealing with my site i laugh. and wish Jasmine Jewels the best and have cut all tides with her and any thing that has to deal with her… for no one should have to put up with someone who looks at you as just another and i quote “wetback Nigger” that being said i hope you enjoy the new work that is to come which was started today with my new shooter… as always love you guys and remember what ppl do to you will done to them… and trust they will need you before you need them…

I have been there too

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Thank you to my readers

After this past break up I was crushed but after reading yo comments I could not be down any more…. hurt but no more feeling bad for myself… I took what everyone said then I looked at the core problem! It was ME!!!  I realized that I was in love with the idea of being in love rather than the true meaning..I  you love.And the hurt came not from the absents of a lover but lose of a dream and hypothetical idea of what could or would have had happened….  Still knowing this I for some reason can’t get this guys out of my head or heart…. And then I saw that everything I wanted and we wanted he was now doing with a 19yro girl who was have another mans child. … But I know now why I am happy and over loves test, because when you accept a broken glass you stand the risk of being hurt by it… No long will I see red flags acoo keep going on with the dance ok take 100mg viagra

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Tell you my biggest fear

Hey not sure why I’m sharing this but one of my biggest fears is being alone… I have been in many relationships where I was only in it so I did not have to be single… I have had guys walk away from me to be with others or after we sleep together they ask me to sign their DVD… I am in a crazy place no where I do want a family I do want to be married and have two kids and be a at home mom… But what I am hearing is that being what I am (transsexual) is not what guys want as a wife it’s what they want and a fetish which takes away my humanity and just turns me in to a living doll… Not sure why but I’m hope that their are guys out there who do look at woman like me as woman and mothers and future wives

I’m in LA yeeeeeeah

Here to enjoy fun in the sum muscled men and hoping to fall in love with a nice wealthy athletic guys that vers is that to hard to fined lol it seems like it is omg

Guess where I am

The home of the movie TWILIGHT…. yes thats right I am n Washington Seattle to be exact….. So if your here feel free to hit me up….. generika viagra online apotheke

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